Find your lost AirPods,   Bose, Fitbit and many others!



This app allows you to locate your lost headphones and earbuds, such as AirPods, using Bluetooth. It can find one of your AirPods, or both. Find them in a few minutes only!


Find my headphones shows you how close you are to the AirPods (or any Bluetooth device) and can lead you to its location.

It will detect your earbuds if their Bluetooth signal is on, and if you are less than 330 feet away (100 meters).


This app helps you find your :

• AirPods

• Apple Watch

• Apple Pencil

• Fitbit

• Beats headphones

• and many other Bluetooth devices.




"I paid a load of money for my AirPods, so I was extremely distressed and worried when I lost my AirPods. I came on the App Store to find an app to help find my AirPods, and I found this hidden gem. This app works extremely well. It’s simple, efficient, and most importantly works!!! This app somehow finds limes and I found like 3 limes on the street."

Saved My Watch

"...It saved my Apple Watch from being lost forever and me from having to buy a new one. It got torn off my wrist and into a moving box that could have disappeared into a storage unit for months had I not been able to locate it, since it only uses WiFi to hook into my phone. 

It took me right to within five feet of it and there it was !!! Thanks so much for an amazing app and I will positively promote his whenever it is asked of me for such information."


"I used it and I thought I would never be able to find my AirPods and then I found them and I was sooo happy so I think you should get this is such a great app!"




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